Telling the truth, fair-minded speech and two excellent articles

We are urged to use fair-minded speech in the abortion debate. Fair enough, but is telling the truth not fair-minded? How would we have got by without telling the truth on any abuse or social evil over the ages? Would reforms have come? Think of the power of a photograph in telling the truth – there are many thousands of them that have awakened the world conscience and instigated change. (But on at least one US University campus a simple photo of an unborn baby was banned.)

Look at this quote re Barack Obama’s Notre Dame speech by Dr Thaddeus J. Kozinski, Assistant Professor of Humanities at Wyoming Catholic College

I think the point is made: if being rhetorically civil were the extent of the required “alignment” for the 19th century America citizen, we would still have legalized slavery, not to mention the genocide of tens of thousands of African-Americans. Needless to say, there would be no President Obama. Suppose the situation were a President proposing a mass genocide of “less-than-human” Jews. “Okay,” assures the President to the doctor, “I’ll be fair-minded and say that they are quite human while we kill them.” One gets the point.


And just because one deranged person kills an abortionist does that mean we should no longer tell the truth? For comment on the killing of Dr Tiller see

Lachlan Dunjey 5 June 2009.

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